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High Quality Organic Food

We believe education and inspiration about food can make an important contribution to making a conscious choice about what you eat. An impactful choice for yourself, for your environment, for today and for tomorrow.

A choice which is different for everyone. Which can be motivated by different reasons such as the impact it has on the environment, on animals, on labour conditions or on health. A choice which is never wrong, when it’s made in a conscious way and can contribute to the quality of life on this earth, both right now and in the future.

Smaakt is a revolution in awareness. We believe that it is important that everyone can make this choice. Smaakt symbolises the revolution of food consciousness. We believe it is of importance that everyone is able to take this conscious choice.

Every bite matters!

We have set the ambition to teach young children about how good ‘good food’ can be! This is why we have established the lesson plan KidsProef to help provide education on sustainability and nutrittion for elementary school children in the Netherlands. This way, we’re a step closer to making our dream a reality. This is why we do what we do.

Together with you and our products we are able to make this possible. Always organic, always nutritious, but above all, always tasty. Products that fill your kitchen pantry with love for you and your family. Without the use of added refined sugars, sometimes completely vegan, sometimes packed with protein and sometimes full of fibre. But always with added value in both taste and social impact. Because with every bite of Smaakt you take, you contribute to our mission. KidsProef Food Education for all kids, are you with us?

Would you like to use the KidsProef lesson plan to teach your class all about sustainability and nutrition? Click here for our free KidsProef class-room presentation and here for the additional explanatory document.



Bake away

Nuts, seeds & dried fruit

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Get cooking

Breakfast & Lunch

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Every bite matters!

Good food for YOU

Yummy Food
Smaakt has a wide range of tasty, organic products perfect for your kitchen pantry. With the products of Smaakt on stock you always have the perfect base for making a delicious, nutritious meal or snack. From crunchy oatmeal cookies and artisinal breads to flavourful pastas and spicy curries. Get inspired by our delicious recipes!

Conscious Food
We believe too much sugar does not fit into a healthy lifestyle. That is why it is our mission to produce our complete assortment free from refined sugars. By refining sugar sources, all kinds of beautiful nutritious substances (vitamins, minerals, fibers, …) are extracted from the sugar source. We think that’s a pity! Read all about our sugar-free milestone here.

Good food for the WORLD

With love and care for people, animals and the environment
We strongly believe in the power of organic food and its positive influence on the health of people and our world. With devotion and care for people, animals and the environment we make the most beautiful organic products for your kitchen pantry.

Good food for the FUTURE

Education and awareness
We love good food and care about the future, this is why we aim to inspire elementary school children to eat get conscious about food and its impact on our world and our health with the KidsProef lesson plan. During the free guest classes about sustainability and nutrition, they receive answers to the questions; What is food? Where does it come from?  What is sugar? And what does organic mean?

We believe education about this can’t start early enough on! Are you with us?


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